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21 Photos, Posts, And Articles That Aged Badly – Stars Info City

21 Aged Photos, Posts and Articles


This 1963 “hint” suggested that people bury motor fuel in the ground. Today, we know how harmful this is to our environment:


This man joked about murdering Queen Elizabeth on the day she died:


This meme jokes that Queen Elizabeth will outlive King Charles, so he will never inherit her throne. After her death, he became king:


In the 2011 DC Comics, Jared Fogel “reached out” to Superman and the company. In 2015, he was sentenced to 15.5 years in prison for distributing child pornography and having sex with minors:


The website predicts that the world will see its last case of polio in 2016. Unfortunately, some countries, including the United States, are still battling polio outbreaks. There are now at least 57 confirmed cases of polio in New York — a result of the anti-vaccine movement:


The 2017 article claimed that Josh Peck and Drake Bell had reconciled after Drake told Josh on Twitter not to invite him to his wedding. But on Barstool’s BFFs podcast, Josh said they never really got back together, nor since the feud:


The 1950 ad claimed “there has not been a single case of a sore throat caused by smoking a camel”. We now know that smoking puts people at a high risk of throat cancer:


Given the success of Josh Allen, this quote from Jalen Ramsey from 2018 is now a bit awkward:


This old cellophane ad shows a baby wrapped in plastic. Plastic wrap is known to be a major choking hazard for infants and toddlers:


This advert about lead certainly predates our realization of the real dangers of the natural element:


When the Telegram messaging app launched in 2013, it was advertised as “always free”. This year, they started offering paid subscription versions:


This ancient computer has a “timeless” label on it. I beg to differ:


This ad promoting salt for weight loss is both pseudoscience and anti-fat:


This is a poster for a movie called is Patwhich is based on a regular character signal to noise ratio. The “joke” is that no one knows Pat’s gender. This movie obviously won’t be made today because it’s very offensive to non-binary people:


Here’s a quote from President James Buchanan about how he will be missed in the future. Unfortunately for him, he is actually considered one of the worst presidents in America because of his differences over slavery before the Civil War:


This is an ad from the 1950s titled “The Beauty of Asbestos”. Today, we are grateful that asbestos can cause cancer:


This page of a pamphlet claims that July 2, 2016, will be “E-DAY,” the day the world runs out of gasoline. Gas prices are still ridiculously high, but we’re definitely not running out:


In 2015, CNN published an article saying that Saudi Arabia would run out of cash in less than five years. According to The Economist, Saudi Arabia will be the fastest growing economy in 2022:


The ad recommends that women put Lysol in their vagina. Enough said:

twenty one.

In the end, this poor redditor thinks they’ll only take a two-week break when the coronavirus pandemic begins:

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