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Ants are everywhere. A staggering number of ants live on Earth, a new study finds.

The researchers published their data on Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.them Find There are about 20 trillion ants on Earth at any given time.

“We were very surprised by the large number of ants we found,” said Sabine S. Nooten, an insect ecologist and interim principal investigator at the University of Würzburg in Germany. CNN reports.

“We had few expectations because the numbers that emerged in the scientific literature beforehand were basically educated guesses, and they had little empirical data to work with,” she said. “So, this is the novelty of our study because we synthesize data from many empirical studies.”

The researchers said the 20 trillion figure was “conservative” and said their total biomass would be equal to about 12 megatons of dry carbon.

The study found that the distribution of ants across continents is uneven. More ants are concentrated in the tropics, and the study found evidence that ants could help understand the baseline for predicting worrisome environmental changes.

Scientists considered 489 studies spanning all continents on Earth.

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