A666 Bolton Road Closed Due To Crash CCTV Footage Photos

Once again, a piece of quite shocking news is coming in front of the people from Lancashire road which has left almost everyone in a deep shock. Yes, you heard right, a busy Lancashire road has been blocked by the concerned authorities early this morning from both directions, following the reports of a serious colliding.

As soon as the concerned department got the news, the emergency services occurred between the junction along with Green Arms Road and Stones Bank Road. Meanwhile, the emergency assistance has been plunged on the A666 between Darwen and Bolton.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the victim is no longer among his close ones as the spontaneous accident became the prime cause behind his passing, because the way their vehicle collided with another one, an intense crash took place. Because of this, the body of the victim got many severe injuries which were proven as the major reason behind heavy bleeding.

Which created uncounted fatal complications and in the end he had to leave the world in such a worst manner, but those who saw the incident through their eyes filed a complaint against the defaulter whose involvement is standing behind the crash.

A666 Accident Crash Updates

If further reports are to be considered, so as soon as they got the news of the incident they reached the accident spot without any ado, so that if they got the chance so they could save the life of the victim.

But when they brought him out from the car, their shocking reaction popped out as the victim has lost his life and many injuries were surrounded his body. Later, the concerned department took him into custody and make his family acquainted with the tragic news so that, they could arrange the ahead ceremonies of his last farewell.

Later, the concerned department shared a statement, in which they mentioned the circumstances of the spot where the accident has occurred. They mentioned that approximately 10 emergency service vehicles were reached to control the circumstances.

But due to the frightening accident, a strange buzz took place among everyone because the entire road had been blocked by the concerned authorities, so that, they could figure out everything while bringing the investigation ahead. So that, if something is hidden from their eyes, so they could figure out that. So we have mentioned such details here and for further details stay tuned with us.

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