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United’s U21s come into play in a mini derby against Manchester City on Sunday morning as they look to respond to a 6-1 defeat from a comeback earlier in the season.

Things didn’t get off to a good start, though, as City’s Oscar Bob quickly showed his talent, gliding past United’s midfield with ease before firing wide

Isaac Hansen-Aron’s pass back to Zidane Iqbal was mishandled in the eighth minute, handing possession to City, who promptly pounced on Adil Mebold, who The shot went wide and Mika Hamilton took the lead.

Still in the opening 15 minutes, Mebud cut low again from the right wing into the box and Sonny Aljoffrey opened the scoring, but the United defender was unable to clear the ball and instead perfected the ball to allow William Dixon to run in from close range .

United’s first possession came in the 20th minute but Aljofree’s poor pass went straight to Bobb on the counter and things went from bad to worse for Aljofree as he accidentally tripped Bobb and was sent as the last man Go shower early.

Moments later, Hamilton played a one-two with Bobb, cutting United into the box and pulling back to Dixon, giving him the second run of the match.

United’s frustrations began to grow and Zidane Iqbal’s serious challenge to the ball was lucky not to see him receive United’s second red card.

Mark Dempsey, desperate to salvage the situation, stepped onto the bench in the 27th minute to replace Isaac Hansen-Aron and Norm Emer with Willie Kambwala and Tom Huddlestone. orchid.

It wasn’t enough to curb Bob as he nearly grabbed the other, curling his effort to the inside of the right post, only to barely come back on the wrong side.

The last chance before the break was United’s first real attack when Marc Jurado passed the ball to Matteo Mejia, who cut inside and tried to create some space, but his shot was ultimately ruled out. blockage.

United came out stronger in the second half and Brandon Williams had an early chance, but his left-footed effort was brought down by the City keeper.

Dan Gore then launched a 50-50 challenge in midfield which worked in his favour, leading to a 40-yard run into City’s box but the midfielder’s shot into the far corner Flash past the goal, wide of the goal.

The game went very slowly in the second half, with City hoping for an easy win while United camped out in their own box.

In the final 20 minutes, though, the floodgates opened again, with City making it four after Jayden Heskey snatched the ball away from Williams and fired inside the box for Bob.

A short corner action then led to Mebud’s drive into the box before cutting into the open Kian Brekin to overtake Ben Mee.

In the 90th minute, Emile Hirsch’s sons completed the rout after Mebd’s strike came down to the touchline.

The fiasco left Manchester United conceding 53 goals in just 21 games, ranking eighth in the league, 12 of which were conceded by rivals Manchester City. A worrying issue and a bitter pill for United to swallow, worse as City continue to top the U21 and U18 table.

Manchester United: Mee, Jurado, Al Joffrey, Hadley, Williams (Noel Kate 79), Iqbal, Gore, Fussen (Wellens 46), Hansen-Aron (Hadr Stone 27), Emeran (Kambuwala 27), Meja

Subs not used: Wooster

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