Aika Robredo Scandal Video Fake News Goes Viral On YouTube

WATCH: Aika Robredo Scandal Video Fake News Goes Viral On YouTube, Twitter, and, Reddit: You can not even think how cheap people are presented in politics and the same kind of people have encountered presidential candidate Leni Robredo.

A while ago a video started traveling on social media which is reportedly a fake s*x tape that is directly targeting Leni Robredo’s family members. This matter has pulled an immense amount of heat on the internet and gone viral across social media. As this is a matter of the presidential candidate’s family’s image, it has gained everyone’s attention over there. Now it has become the topic of the town to discuss.

We have come up with fresh developments and updates on this topic so keep reading this article till the end and be educated what are the repercussions of crafting this fake video. 

Aika Robredo Scandal Video

Leni Robredo is currently chaired on the vice president post and he is all set to give a tough fight to the opposition in the presidential election but things have taken a sharp turn and become worsen than before as some culprits have shown their roots by crafting a fake s*x tape of Leni’s family members.

The spokesperson for vice president Leni Robredo named Barry Guitierrez said in a press conference held on Monday that links to an alleged obscene video are traveling around the Twitter and our legal team is studying our legal options to take.

Aika Robredo Scandal Video Explained

Barry further said, “the video was a malicious fabrication” but he did not point out the target person of the video. But netizens have started speculating about the video and its target. Some users have claimed that the circling video is about Leni’s daughter named Aika Robredo.

The Vice president’s spokesperson also said, “our legal team is in continuous touch with the respective platform authorities to take down that video”. Kindly look at the next section to get more on the same headline.

Aika Robredo Fake News Debunked

Barry Gutierrez said that our people should see this for what it is- A distraction from the election campaign. He also remarked it is a clear-cut crime offense. In addition, the Vice president also took over his Twitter handle to address the matter.

He tweeted, “the best reply to the fake news is Truth, we should not lose our focus from the election campaign and this is the way I have survived the past 6 years.” Leni’s tweet was also reshared by his daughter Aika Robredo. Stay connected with us for more information and updates.

Arcbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan Socrates Villegas advised to Vice President’s daughter Aika Robredo. He advised her that she should focus on her good rather than sharing unethical videos on social media. He additionally said that she should stay focused on doing good amid circulating links to fake s*x videos.

Daughter of Philippines Vice Present Aika Robredo is too active on social media. She use to share on her account very sensual content. So as she is the daughter of the Vice President, some people think, she should behave ethically, she should not cross her limit. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leni Robredo and Jesse Robredo. She completed her education at Ateneo de Manila University.

Now she is in news because of her viral video on social media. She posted an s*x video and her account that is obviously not liked by some viewers, one of them is Socrates Villegas. Socrates Villegas shared a lengthy letter on their social media account and gave advice to Vice President’s daughter. He posted a letter on his Facebook account on Monday, April 11, 2022. He said, “Let not lies disturb you.

The truth of your life of decency and humility and service and intelligence is known by all of us. Only liars will believe their own kind”. He furthermore mentioned that “As for you, stay focused on doing what is good and be unperturbed in living by the truth according to the principles your parents planted in you.

Moreover, some Filipinos shared a few screenshots of her s*x video on her social media account and the result of a Google search about her.

Socrates told others to other for doing stop sharing this kind of content on social media. Instead, they should just report the video and have it taken down. He furthermore added that he is very sorry to hear about her and the malicious fake videos that lies have made about you.

It is incredible that they spread these lies during the Holy Week! The purveyors of these calumnies against her clearly have no sense of the Lord who called Himself the Truth. The disciples of the Prince of Darkness hatched this rotten egg.

He gave advised her not to share this kind of video. After he gave advised her, she has not given any feedback on this comment and advised. It would be not clear when she will react to the advice and what will she do?

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