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Ants went marching into the car – Brospar Daily News

Of all the bugs in the world, ants are not on my hot list.

On top of that, I hate fast bugs. I’m a little scared of those who sting. Ants were by no means my friend, but now we are sworn enemies.

The hit list looks like this:

Cockroaches, if we forget to let the pests out, are running around on my kitchen counter.

The yellow jacket stung me once when I was 5. It got lost in my frilled dress and stinged my palm as I sat in the back seat of the car. I never forget.

Mosquitoes, swarming my front porch, forcing me indoors to avoid their itchy bites.

Drosophila, breeding in my trash. Pooh.

The house centipede, considered the scariest thing — and fast.

Joro spiders may be at the top of some of your lists these days, but they don’t make it into my house, they don’t sting me, they don’t make me itchy. So, we’re on a truce for now; although I sure hope they catch some hummingbird-sized mosquitoes on my porch.

Termites may also be at the top of some lists, including our production director, who recently spotted termites in several rolls of newsprint. That was the first time.

But ants. They got into my car.

When we left my sister’s house, my oldest was in the back seat and first noticed them. He cried, saying that an ant bit him. Sure enough, the ants had already lined up on the door and invaded.

We glanced at them and had to start.

The next day, they were still crawling back and forth. the next day.

We cleaned the car and vacuumed it. The ants still appeared. Not dozens, just one here and there – enough for me to hide a napkin in the cup holder to get the ants dirty. Getting ants dirty while driving is only slightly less dangerous than wearing a yellow jacket in the car.

Then one day, I left an empty cup of coffee in the car. You guessed it, a line of ants greeted me.

I quickly picked up the coffee mug and carefully placed it on the garage floor. Where in the world do these ants make their home? I turned on my phone flashlight and found them appearing on the floor rug on the passenger side. My sister recommended Windex so I sprayed it down. I haven’t seen it for a day or two.

Then one day I had to eat breakfast on the run. I left a jar of oats in the car during a date. If it’s a test to see if the ants are still there, they pass.

So, I was standing in the parking lot of my local doctor’s office staring at a jar full of oats and ants, wondering what I should do with it. I walked to another date and luckily the ants were out of the jar when I got back. They are still in the car.

I drove to work, looking over my shoulder, hoping the ants wouldn’t all come to me, marching one by one.

The next day I got some ant killers out of the garage – the kind you sprinkle around the mound. I still don’t understand where they live, but wherever, maybe they’ll bring this poison back there and die.

I put ant killers on the hood of my car; I also saw them crawling around outside the windshield. Sure enough, the ants came out. But they haven’t gone yet.

Now I have Ant Killer in my car. One of the experts on YouTube said I might need some other type of bait or they might survive in the car for up to a year. one year. great.

Apparently, they could build a colony under the carpet and live off the “remains” of any crumbs that might be in the car.

So, I’m going to buy more ant bait. And keep ant-stained napkins in the car until further notice. cheer.

Shannon Casas is the audience director for Metro Market Media, the parent company of The New York Times. She is a resident of North Hall.

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