April Fool’s Joke Gone Wrong On Twitter

Is Doja Cat Pregnant – April Fool’s Joke Gone Wrong On Twitter: Doja Cat is the most renowned singer and rapper, she is highly known for her singles in the world and all over the world. She also used to be stay updated on social media platforms and even shared her thoughts on several topics.

Sometimes she also indulges in debates with her fans. She is highly active on Twitter and she penned something which shocked’s her fans. While some of them are angry and disagreed with her act. 

Is Doja Cat Pregnant?

You must be wondering why we are saying this, So let us tell you guys that we are saying so as she penned a joke about her pregnancy on Twitter which made her fans sad and upset. Now they are also tweeting agent her action as this hurts their excitement.

Whereas some are in her support and claim that they enjoy her. Hence it isn’t wrong to say that te social media is divided into two parts. In which some are in her support while some are aginst of her joke.

No, Doja Cat Is Not Pregnant – April Fool’s Joke Gone Wrong:-

Yes, the lien above is right and she isn’t pregnant This is a piece of confirmed news about Doja that she isn’t pregnant. As she herself took her Twitter account and there she has been written that, “I’m Pregnant.”

After this, her fans use to be so excited and they started to be a comment on her for her health journey and delivery as well. Her admirers were congratulating her but later she posted one more tweet.

And they become so sad to read the other twist from her. The second tweet reads, “this is Nicholas cage hacking Doja cats account was good y’all national treasure is the best movie in the world.”

Who Is Doja Cat Current Boyfriend?

After these tweets from her, now the fans are actively searching about her boyfriend and they are so keen to grab the details about her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is not yet public. Neither her relationship status is active yet. Well, this isn’t the first-time Doja did something like this.

She also claims that she will not be going to have revealed her basics. In 2019 she was in a live relationship and she was also going live with her boyfriend and they were good friends too. But this time her relationship status isn’t on the web yet.

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