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Arnold Babcock, Why was Arnold Babcock arrested?

Man Trespassed Into Kendall Jenner

Arnold Babcock was arrested while trying to meet Kendall Jenner. The intruder, identified as Arnold Babcock, is in police custody.

Arnold Babcock is now the subject of gossip. Kendall Jenner is a world-famous celebrity and media personality, she has millions of followers on Instagram, fans are eager to meet her for whatever reason, which is probably why the trespasser went beyond his limits to meet Kendall Jenner.

There are two kinds of people on the face of the earth, those who wait for the right time to get a glimpse of Kendall Jenner, those who don’t wait for their chance, who just believe in crossing their limits and Arnold Babcock belongs to the second category. That was the case when Arnold Babcock tried to meet her by climbing the walls of Kendall Jenner’s apartment, but he was later caught by the janitor and handed over to the police. But this isn’t the first time someone has violated someone to meet Kendall, it’s happened before with the same motivation.

Arnold Babcock is now known for trespassing at Kendall Jenner’s apartment, he’s American, and he’s reportedly done it before, but before he couldn’t fool the guards and failed to climb The walls of the apartment. Arnold Babcock’s personal details are currently unavailable due to police restraints on him. Security officers later caught him and police treated him professionally, but he was later released by police as he was not involved in any other wrongful activity according to police, but police are still investigating the case to find out what happened to Kendall. Details Jenner’s safety is a concern for police.

The trespasser Arnold Babcock is currently 31 years old and from this data, we can conclude that he may have been born in 1990, but his date of birth is still unknown. If we’re talking about his social media handles, the police didn’t reveal either, so his photo and username remain undiscovered.

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