Ashlyn Whimpey, a Utah State cheerleader goes viral for crying over her team’s loss

Utah State cheerleader Ashlyn Whimpey went around social media crying as her team lost a game.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Utah cheerleader takes over social media with heartbroken emoji

Utah State fans were heartbroken Thursday when their team was defeated by the Missouri Tigers in the final game of the season.

However, it looked like team cheerleader Ashlyn Whimpey was even more upset about the loss, as her reaction to the final score made her a viral star.

Whimpey is the girlfriend of Utah basketball star Sean Bairstow. So, at the end of the game, it is understandable that she lost control of her emotions.

Also, in the viral video, Whimpey watches with tears in his eyes and trembling lips as Utah struggles to regain 12 points from the Missouri Tigers.

Beyond that, Whimpey also spoke about her now-heartbroken reaction to the game in an interview.

The 20-year-old Utah junior added, “I knew right away, I really am, this is the last time I’m going to be able to do this.”

She continued, “My Instagram started getting a bunch of follow requests and I was like, what’s going on because I didn’t even realize I’d been posted on Bleacher Report.”

β€œThen I started getting all these messages and being tagged in a bunch of stuff, and within seconds, someone tagged my Instagram in a post, and I was like, this is really crazy,” Whimpey mentioned.

Netizens react to Ashlyn Whimpey’s popularity

Many social media users took to their Twitter accounts to share their thoughts on the rise of Utah cheerleader Ashlyn Whimpey.

“She finally left Utah and now she has to go back,” one user wrote.

Someone else chimed in, ‘That’s the look on the faces of people who realize they have to go back to Utah. She wanted to stay in Calido for a few days.

Meanwhile, other users expressed outrage that the TNT broadcaster shared several clips of Whimpey’s emotional reaction.

One user pointed out, ‘Bruh why does TNT keep showing the crying Utah cheerleader? chill. ‘

Another user continued, ‘Seriously, TNT? Highlight a crying cheerleader?


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