Ayesha Lemus Cause of Death- Women Died in Gym After Failed to Lift Weight Video Viral

Nowadays, everyone wants to become a fitness model or keep their health strong to stay always cool. People always work hard to get an amazing attractive body and many do it for looking fit every time.

Most of the fitness freaks around the world spend their time in gyms and also, give first priority to their health. Simply, people are doing all the things including meditation and yoga at home to stay fit. Currently, a shocking incident is taking place on social media and many fitness freaks and netizens are talking about this.

What Was Ayesha Lemus’s Cause of Death?

A video of the gym has captured huge attention in a few hours after it was shared on social media. According to the sources, the incident took place with a woman while being at the gym. A Mexican-based woman accidentally lost her life after listing around 400lbs (181 KG) barbell weight in the gym.

This horrific incident took place inside the gym when she was doing her workout. As per the sources, the woman was identified as Ayesha Lemus who was exercising at a local gym when this horrific accident took place. Keep reading to know the complete details of this incident.

Mexican Woman Died In Gym Video Viral

The report says that the Mexican-based woman went to the local gym for a workout. The gym is located in Peralvillo, Cuauhtemocarea. In the video, it can be seen that she was lifting the weight of around 400lbs barbell and suddenly, the weight fell on her and crushed her neck onto the bench. The whole incident was recorded in the CCTV camera of the gym that later went viral on social media.

The video is clearly showing that the woman was trying to lift the weight of the barbell which was equivalent to the weight of a single gorilla in front of her daughter. She was failed to lift the weight and unfortunately, she had to pay it by her death. After falling to the ground, she died on the spot.

The video was also showing that the instructor standing near the equipment. He rushed to help her and tried to lift the barbell over the woman but failed. Suddenly, two more people comes there and managed to free her but it was late as she had already died. The reports were revealing that she must be between 35-40. She entered the gym with her daughter.

Since the incident took place, the video has already made its round on social media. Everyone is getting shocked after watching this video. Also, the prosecutor’s office launched their investigation over this matter. Some of the sources are claiming that the gym owner has been arrested. More updates will be updated soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

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