Blue Lock Episode 23 Recap and Ending, Explained

In episode 23 of “Blue Lock”, titled “Those Five Players Have Got Through”, Rin scored the final goal for his team and won the game. To end their run of invincibility and complete the five, Rin and his squad chose Isagi after noticing how he played against them. After the game, Jinpachi Ego talked with the players and congratulated them for passing the second choice. He then went on to tell them about the importance of luck in the game and finally talked about the third option. Here’s everything you need to know about the end of episode 23 of “Blue Lock.” Spoilers ahead!

Blue Lock Episode 23 Recap

Moments after Bachira fired the ball into the opponent’s goal, Isagi managed to block the almost perfect goal. He had expected his former teammate to not pass the ball, and that’s exactly what happened. However, once the ball hits his leg, Isagi can control where the ball lands again. But to everyone’s surprise, it landed directly at the feet of Rin, who scored the fifth goal for his team to end the game. Isagi was shocked because he couldn’t understand how Rin could possibly have predicted where the ball was after it hit his leg.

After the game, Isaki’s team was naturally heartbroken, they almost beat the best team in Bluelock. But to everyone’s surprise, Rin prevents his teammates from picking a player from the opposing team and instead chooses Isagi to join his team. It’s not shocking at all considering Isagi is probably the best player on the field besides Rin. Before he and his new team leave, Isagi tells Chiche and the others that he looks forward to playing with them again.

Later that day, Rin’s team finally received word from the Jinpachi Ego after a long time. He talks about the importance of luck in games, and how one’s choices can ultimately matter in situations where everything is thought to be out of one’s control. He used the previous example by pointing out that Rin consciously ran in Isagi’s direction, assuming that the ball might land at his feet after being deflected, which is exactly what happened.

Ego agrees that there are many other possibilities, but then argues that the goal can only be scored in Rin’s place. Isaki didn’t think about the game that way, and felt that he still had a long way to go to level up with Rin. But Jinhachi’s explanation does make sense to Isagi, and it looks like he might instill it into his own game in future games.

Blue Lock Episode 23 Finale: What Happens With The Third Choice?

After discussing how luck plays a role in the sport, Jinpachi Ego then spoke about a third option, detailing the same. For the first time since arriving at the Blue Locks, the players realized they were now going to a training camp with some of the world’s best players. First, selected individuals will first play a five-a-side match against the World Five in just 24 hours.

Players who will arrive at the Les Blues for the game include Spain’s Leonardo Luna, England’s Adam Blake, Argentina’s Pablo Cabazos, Brazil’s Dada Silva and France’s Julien Rocky. Isagi and others briefly discuss these opponents, who are all set to play in a few hours. Just then, they noticed that Rin was not in the room. Isagi later found himself doing yoga relaxation and meditation alone. Since he wanted to be as strong as he was, he immediately joined him, hoping the experience would teach him something new.

However, in the middle of his attempt to act as strong as Rin, Isagi lost his balance and fell to the ground. Fortunately, he was not injured in the process. The next day, the five contestants who passed the re-selection finally stood beside the top five in the world. Rin won’t waste any time letting them know he’s there to win. After the initial brawl is over, the game begins. Once in possession of the ball, Bacchiera displayed incredible dribbling skills, outscoring Argentina’s Pablo Cabazos and eventually sending an unbelievable cross to Rin, who tipped the ball for him. The team scored the first goal.

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