Bracket data: Will Texas reach the Final Four?

AUSTIN (KXAN) โ€“ March Madness has begun, with 68 men’s and women’s college basketball teams vying for this year’s national championship.

It’s the best time of year for hardcore and even casual college basketball fans. Millions of brackets were filed with family, friends, colleagues, and (sometimes) random strangers. The winners of these pools will no doubt claim to be college basketball experts among their inner circle.

Over 20 million brackets were submitted through ESPN’s Bracket Challenge. ESPN also provided stats The United States chooses which team enters each round.

While Houston and Alabama are the two favorites to win the title, the Texas Longhorns aren’t far behind, according to ESPN. 6.2 percent of ESPN supporters picked Texas for the national title. More than a quarter of the bracket sent Texas to the Final Four.

texas longhorns

Alabama and Houston are the two favorites to win the national title. The Crimson Tide is the favorite choice, with nearly 20 percent of supporters wanting Alabama to win the national title.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Houston Cougars

Houston is close behind, with 16 percent predicting the Cougars will win the title.

baylor bears

More than half of the brackets predict the 2021 national champion Baylor Bears will advance in the second weekend of the tournament, but only 1.0% of the brackets predict the Bears will win the national title.

TCU Horned Frog

Most of the TCUs in the bracket lost in the second round.Sixth-seeded Horned Frogs clinch the national title with a 0.3 percent winning percentage

The bracket for choosing Texas A&M to go further in the tournament may have been broken. The Aggies lost to Penn State in the first round on Thursday night, preventing a potential Texas matchup with Texas A&M in Saturday’s second round.

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