BTS World Tour 2023 Schedule, India Concert Dates, Ticket Price & Everything You Need To Know!

Within a few years, the industry in South Korea was so entrenched that the world went crazy for it. Whether it’s food, dance, music, web dramas, movies or bands, its craze spreads all over the world. Especially the band BTS is very popular all over the world and people are crazy about their music. The members of this band are also very attractive and this is the main reason for its popularity, women are big fans of this band as compared to men. Now, those fans are wondering if there will be any more concerts before the end of the year.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

How to get tickets for BTS 2022 world tour?

Many people are wondering about the schedule of BTS’ 2022 world tour. As we said, the band is a K-pop group with multiple hits and over 1 billion streams. Now there are reports that the group is ready to introduce their BTS 2022 world tour, claiming that they will come to India for their concert soon. After hearing the news, fans in India went crazy and wanted to know the date and price of the concert as well as the tickets.

BTS World Tour 2022 Details

The Indian fans of this South Korean band hoped that they could hold a concert in India, and now it seems that their wish has finally come true, and soon they will witness this band in India. According to media reports, BTS is going to India for a concert soon. There are many sites that say they are coming this year, but this information is wrong because there is only one month left until the end of the year and there is no such announcement yet. But there are some reports that they will visit India next year.

BTS World Tour Schedule and India Tour 2022

Bangton Soneondon, commonly known as BTS, is a well-known South Korean boy band. As we all know, BTS has broken multiple hit records and has become “21st Century Pop Icons”. Now is the time to know when it will arrive in India and the tour dates. According to the details, K-band has selected 10 Asian countries to perform, and India is one of them. The band chose to visit 8 different countries in continental Europe. In India, the band will be performing in 4 states:-


Ticket prices range from Rs 1,000 to Rs 50,000 per person and those looking to buy them can visit, the report said. The exact date of the concert is unknown, but reports suggest that BTS’ India tour is scheduled to begin in July 2023.

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