Cardozo High School Teacher Slams Student Into Wall Video Goes Viral

In past time plenty of news about teachers assaulting students has occupied the internet and no doubt that from sexual assault to slamming students every single teacher has grabbed the headlines and today we are talking about the Cardozo High School Teacher.

Who recently started grabbing headlines after a video of him where he seems slamming a 14 years old student into the wall. The shaming incident happened in Cardozo High School in Queens. Well, if you are also looking for the video and teacher’s name so stick around.

McNally was apprehended and charged with harassment and imperil the welfare of a child. Now when the news is being circulated everywhere so people are getting keen to know what exactly happened at that time and what was the actual reason that the teacher got this much angry that he shoved the 14 years old into the wall. The PE teacher is seen swinging the kid after a reaction that was transpired on Wednesday, 16 February.

Cardozo High School Teacher Slams Student Into Wall

Reportedly, when the 14 years old was stepping out of the gym and was keeping a basketball, that later McNally grabbed from him the boy tried to get the ball back meanwhile McNally grabbed him by his shirt and throw him against the wall. Well, now you must be thinking that it all happened accidentally or perhaps unintentionally but it was not over yet because even after emitting him into the wall.

The teacher continued to gear him up while other students and teachers were looking at both shockingly. Even throwing him again the teacher McNally did not stop himself and even dragged him again and then he again emit him into the wall. As per the reports, one of the spokespeople from the directorate of education said  These are implausibly disturbing charges, and Mr McNally was quickly removed from the classroom away from students, these are the result of the inquiry.”

Well, the high school confirmed that the boy did not get any injury and he is fine, however watching the clip can force you to think that how can the boy be still safe because the way he was thrown into the wall can not show that someone who has been through such situation is fine. Reports are saying that the teacher is currently hitting the bars, well stay tuned to get more updates on viral stuff across the globe.

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