Celtic expert verdict on duo joining PL club after confirmed news

Moves to the Premier League won’t make international call-ups more likely for Celtic stars Leo Hagiri and Keigo Furuhashi, says Frank McAveney.

exclusive speech football insiderthe former basketball forward said Japan head coach Hajime Moriyasu left the duo out of the upcoming game in Japan, which made him “crazy.”

Wednesday (March 15), Shou An comfirmed His national team is about to play in the Kirin Challenge Cup.

Basketball midfielder Daiyoshi Maeda was included after Qatar won an impressive World Cup for his national team, but Hatate and Kyogo were once again left out.

According to convey everything celtic (March 15), Keigo has scored 26 goals in all competitions this season, 11 more goals than the second-ranked Machino Shuto, ranking first in the Japanese forward list.

March 12, football insider It has been revealed that the basketball team is doing everything it can to maintain control of Kyogo ahead of the summer window.

Asked if the pair would leave Celtic due to international call-up opportunities, McAveney told Football Insider:I don’t know, I just think their manager is crazy, I don’t understand.

You saw the talent and thought you were going to be a star in the Premier League. As far as I know, what Hatate did was second to none and the Celtics got all the plaudits.

They were lauded despite their heavy losses in Europe. Scottish football is different, in England you have more time on the ball. But it makes you a better player.

I just think a manager must have one hell of a team. Everyone raves about Hatate and Kyogo, and the fans won’t be happy if Japan doesn’t start winning and they don’t pick those two.

In other news, the former Celtic midfielder could leave Manchester City for the French club, according to sources.

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