Chapter 248 of Tokyo Revengers Release Date and Time confirmed

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 Release Date and Time confirmed: Tokyo Revengers is one of the highly cherished anime which has a huge fan base everyone is so keen to know the release date of the new chapter of this anime.

Before jumping into any of the new or latest updates of the anime, let’s tell you guys that the last chapter of an anime was hot and it had been made yeh audience more entertained with its storyline. As the previous chapter was a great one hence this time the expectations of the enthusiast are so high from the new chapter.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 Spoiler

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248, an expectation of the audience from the upcoming chapter: The enthusiasts of anime are so keen to grab the important details of it. Other than this they as the huge expectations from the new chapter of an anime. Well, as per the sources the new chapter is going to make you all more entertaining as the markers have been made some changes in this t make it more interesting and engaging.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 Release Date and Time

Here we are with the release date of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248: The new chapter of an anime is gonna be the kick start on April 6, 2022, and the journey of the new chapter is gonna be so interesting and eye-catchy.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 Spoilers And Leaks:-

Let’s start with the battle that took place in the previous chapter between the Tokyo Manji Gang Second Generation, led by Takemitchy, and the top dog of the gang world, the Kantou Manji Gang, headed by Mikey, which is the source of all this chaos. Takemitsu was seen as a great strode Knatou Maji in the last chapter as he has been assaulted Kakuc ho who triggered an outburst of self-belief which was in Tokyo Maji Gang.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 Delayed:-

As per the sources, there was a delay in the release of the new chapter of an anime on March 30th, 2022. As per the Twitter claims, the next chapter of an anime will be delayed for almost a week as a member of this staff is tested positive for Covid-19. Hence the makers took the decision to delay a chapter.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 Trailer:-

The trailer of the new chapter has been released and this has been crossed millions of viewers whereas the responses of the viewer are positive on it. And they are waiting so curiously for the release of the anime.

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