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‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ Drops Its First Single and New Teaser – Stars Info City

You don’t need a verified fan pre-sale code to catch your new favorite band on tour: daisy jones and the six Coming to every streamer near you.

starring Riley Keaf and Sam Claflin As the dueling protagonist of Fleetwood Mac-ish ’70s folk-rock show, daisy jones A fictional oral history adapted from the length of a novel taylor jenkins reedThe show, which premiered on Amazon Prime on March 3, debuted today with a new trailer — and the first single from the show’s soundtrack, featuring Keough and Co. It’s called “Regret Me,” and it’s a certified hit:

Keough prepared voice lessons for the role, telling vanity fair In our exclusive sneak peek series, early in the audition process, she’s told she needs to learn the belt.her agent suggested Lady Gaga“The Shallow” as an etude. “I was like, are you crazy, it’s not an easy song to sing. I sounded terrible and I started crying. I was like, I can’t do it, when I can’t do something, it would ignite a fire inside of me that would allow me to do it. I was like, I Have go a head. I’m going to meet this vocal coach and he’s going to teach me how to fucking tie a belt, whatever I need to do to do it. It really became about pushing myself to do things that I had never done before. “

Claflin also took singing lessons and learned to play guitar for the show.

“I have to say, I never picked up a guitar until I got this role,” Claflin told frequency conversion“And, you know, after reading the book, it wasn’t really clear to me that I was supposed to play because we took some creative liberties and moved the parts around a bit, which meant I was going to be playing instead of lead guitar, thank God, but Rhythm guitar. I had to learn how to hold the guitar, how to play it. I also had the greatest singing journey.”

The show’s cast members played their own instruments and were instructed to stay sharp ahead of the premiere — there seems to be a non-zero chance there will be some kind of live performance, and Atlantic Records is on deck releasing the show’s soundtrack.

daisy jones and the six Produced by Hello Sunshine, Executive Producer Lauren Levy Neustadt. (500 days of summer and our star’s mistake screenwriter Scott Neustadt and Michael H. Webb Adaptation of the book series.

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