David Dobrik Scandal Explained: All About YouTuber Scandal

The scandal of David Dobrik is currently covering the headlines of the newspaper. After hitting around 18.8 million Youtube subscribers and denoting his new $9.15 million houses, some may say David Dobrik is at the peak of his career. But what occurs when you reach the top? Well, there is only one way back down.

Since becoming part of the platform in the year 2015, the charm of Dobrik and cheeky personality have fastly shot him to YouTube superstardom. The 24-year-old social media tycoon is known for his 4-minute-and 20-second weekly vlogs, which display him and his pals, also known as the Vlog Squad, running around Los Angeles pulling pranks, compelling havoc, and finally looking like they are having more amusement than anyone else.

David Dobrik Scandal Explained

The Vlog Squad has had a rotating cast since its innovation; the present group includes David Dobrik himself, Toddy Smith, Josh Peck, Jason Nash, Nick Antonyan alias “Jonah”, Heath Hussar, Corinna Kopf, Scotty Sire, Erin Gilfoyand,  Zane Hijazi and Carly Incontro.

None of these group members is direct workers of Dobrik, yet they certainly reap the benefits of his following. He does, though have 3 employees, who function as pseudo members: Ella Priya D’Souza, Natalie Mariduena, and Taylor Hudson.

Dobrik is fast to give off “boy next door” energy as he moderately drives around his messy pal group, all while he gets Kids Choice Awards and makes TikToks with Charli D’Amelio. However, he rose to fame on YouTube, he fastly pivoted to podcasting at the time of the pandemic.

He debuted his new podcast studio in his “I BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE!! (2021) video on 8th February, stating that “I can not be shooting the videos that I would be normally creating, like the vlogs. But here we have a controlled environment and controlled space.”

The hiatus regular videos of Dobrik ultimately left space for former Vlog Squad members to vocal about against Youtube’s favourite good boy. Over the course of last year, many former pals and colleagues of Dobrik’s came forward with accusations of se*ual misconduct and bullying against him and his group of young content creators.

On 1st March, Dobrik launched his new picture-sharing app, Dispo, and the reviews turned out to be the perfect platform for sad admirers to air their mourning and demand accountability from him.

Popular for ignoring controversies, Dobrik had chosen to be silent on these problems that are until he released a 2-minute-and-30-second video on his “VIEWS” podcast channel, launched in the month of February, titled “Let’s talk.”

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