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Davies Eagles Soccer Flying Towards Repeat? – Brospar Daily News

Davis football is undefeated in 30 games

FARGO – “United. We all fight for each other, we play chemistry. We all want to do good for each other and represent the school well, that’s what we do,” veteran goalkeeper Estaban Nunes Say.

The defending champion Fargo Davis Hawks are without a loss in 30 games. A streak that dates back to last year.

Early last year, the boys were aiming to remain unbeaten. We were tied, but otherwise we won everything else … ended with a state championship and started the year 10-0-1,” coach Ian Costello said.

Playing in West Fargo Shean on Thursday night, the Eagles have a chance to win the East Dakota State Conference, win at their opponent’s home, take the No. 1 seed in the state tournament and extend their unbeaten streak. The result of the match was a 3-1 win. But the work is far from over.

“We just keep trying to be the best we can be in essence; we had a good season last year and our goal this year is to build on what we did last year,” senior midfielder Patrick Lawrence said.

“It really started for the second time last year, on October 9, the day after we won the state championship, and we all got back to work. We started captain training last winter. We worked hard all summer, Then on the first day of August this year, we came back to it and Costello ranted at us, working hard through dedication.. Through the love of the game, we all really love the game. We play the game for each other and that’s what we’re in Here’s why,” Nunes said.

“Just knowing what we did last year, and the group that came back, the goal was the state championship,” Costello said.

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