Detained Andrew Tate Claims to Have Fought and Sent a Ghost to Hell in Bizarre Tweet

Andrew Tate recently posted a tweet about battling ghosts, and now it’s getting everyone’s attention on social media. Well, Andrew Tate has been one of the controversial influencers whose comments even got him a backlash some time ago. He was later banned from social media as well. But again, his tweets are ones you can’t miss.

Read on to find out more about Andrew Tate’s ghost tweet going viral on social media.

Andrew Tate and his latest controversies

Although there is hardly anyone who does not know about Andrew Tate and his controversies. Recently, the controversial internet celebrity has made a lot of headlines when she was detained by Romanian authorities on serious charges.

Last night I woke up with a freezing cold

and found a ghost in my cell

He’s scared, beg me not to destroy him

I sent him back to hell with a message for the devil

I am always ready.

— Andrew Tate (@Cobratate) February 25, 2023

Not only Andrew Tate, but even his brother Tristan Tate has also been detained on charges. This is the third recent extension of Tate’s custody. Andrew Tate’s custody was extended for another 30 days, keeping him until late March.

Andrew Tate’s ghostly tweet goes viral on internet

This is despite Andrew Tate being detained on serious charges of rape, human trafficking and forming an organized crime group. Recently, one of the tweets has attracted widespread attention online. As he continues to tweet about fighting ghosts.

In a tweet on March 25, 2023, Andrew Tate wrote: “Last night I was woken up by a bout of freezing to find a ghost in my cell. He was terrified and begged me not to exterminate him. I Send him back to hell with a message for the devil. I am always ready”.

Netizens react to Andrew Tate’s ghost tweet

Though for netizens, Andrew Tate is nothing new when he makes some really weird comments on his social media. However, Andrew Tate’s recent tweet definitely got everyone thinking about Tate again. As he went on to describe his encounter with the ghost in his tweets.

Users on Twitter immediately reacted to Andrew Tate’s tweet. As one of the users @angelicpeaach went on to comment “Andrew Tate is falling into psychosis and beating ghosts I’m sorry this is so fucking funny”. Another user on social media wrote: “I am all for the ghost haunting Andrew Tate”.


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