So guys as you all know thousands of leaked photos and videos are available on various networking sites. DeviantSaga Animation video is the new sensation among online citizens. It is creating a lot of hype recently and everyone is searching about it.

It is a unique kind of content as it is an animated NSFW video. Although we don’t have a lot of information regarding this Twitter account and there are multiple profiles that are posting a circulating this video to gain views.

Deviantseiga Twitter Animation Video

So reportedly the content creator took inspiration from several movies and the previous videos that went viral on Twitter like the Ankha zone video. This is not the first time that the count has posted such content as he has already posted on many multiple videos but they didn’t get a lot of attention.

But now the views on this video are skyrocketing and people are searching and watching it multiple times. So reportedly the Twitter account was created back in November 2018 and surprisingly during the first few months it hosted children’s content.

Deviantseiga Twitter Animation Leaked Viral Video

But then as the creator was not experiencing any growth he switch to adult content and now he has thousands of followers and millions of views on his latest video. But we should let you know that it is restricted content and it may have some disturbing seems like any other NSFW video so please watch it at your own risk. Multiple users over really happy and creating memes about the new video but several consumers have also reported and tagged it as a useless one.

Why is Deviantseiga Video Trending On Twitter?

Show the video takes place in a factory where there is some kind of feeling going on for the food and a girl with the tail is watching it. And suddenly she felt on the conveyor belt and instead of filling the designated product the injection machine start feeling the girl’s inside and mouth and private parts. That’s why it is creating a lot of attention and several kids’ entries are also available for the so-called video.

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