Drag Race Star Jasmine Kennedie Comes Out As Transgender

Jasmine Kennedie, the drag show star stunned the Internet after revealing that she is a transgender. Although season 14 of RuPaul’s Drag Race is not over yet, she has already become the queen she was meant to be. Fans applauded her for being brave enough to do so.

Jasmine Kennedie reveals her true identity

On Friday night’s episode of Untucked, Jasmine Kennedie publicly announced that she was transgender. As her sisters comforted her through the reveal, she broke down in tears. This followed DeJa Skye’s inquiry about if anyone in the group had considered transitioning before joining Drag Race. Kerri Colby, another trans queen on the show, was instrumental in helping her to “affirm” her gender identity.

Jasmine revealed that she struggled to accept her identity as trans following the recent admission of Seattle’s “demon queen” Bosco. A four-minute video clip showed the drag queen while crying, expressing her reluctance to reveal her true identity because it “scared her.

She explained that she almost began hormone therapy before joining the show, as her fellow contestants soothed her. Her recent admission about her identity moved the Drag queens and fans as the drag queen broke down on Untucked. Moreover, they praised her for being a courageous person for telling her story.

Jasmine Kennedie’s bravery was the focus of internet comments after the official Twitter page of RPDR dropped the video. In her thank-you message to Mancie Mandell and Kerri Colby, the RPDR star revealed that she is in the middle of her hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

According to her lengthy note, Chicago showgirl Mimi Marks inspired her. It is because of her that she started feeling like a “beautiful and confident trans woman”. Due to Jasmine’s revelation, she was able to live her life proudly and assist those who were struggling to share their truth.

Every Friday night at 8:00 PM ET, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 airs on VH1.

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