Expert drops ‘astronomical’ verdict on SPFL TV rights

Scottish clubs must focus on recruitment and competitiveness to get high-value international TV rights deals as “people just watch Rangers and Celtic”.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, former Gers and Scotland defender Alan Hutton admitted the Scottish league will “never” reach the levels of interest that the Premier League receives.

The English top-flight’s overseas broadcasting rights are worth £5billion over three years while the Scottish League’s was sold for just £2million a year for non-EU countries.

The huge gulf in value makes it hard for Scottish sides to compete in the ever-inflating transfer market to bring in quality talent and in turn be appealing for new viewers.

Hutton shared his advice on how the league can boost these figures but admitted most international fans would be unlikely to watch the non-Old Firm clubs.

“It’s always going to be difficult,” he told Football Insider.

“That’s the be-all and end-all of it. People have to want the product that’s there and it’s hard when people just watch Rangers and Celtic.

“There are people abroad who are not going to want to watch the rest of the league.

“You can only concentrate on what you can do. Have the strongest teams possible, the strongest players, hope it is competitive and you go from there.

“Hopefully you grow the games, that’s ultimately the difference between Scotland and the Premier League which is for me the best in the world.

“The difference is astronomical and the Scottish league is never going to reach those levels.

“Recruitment is obviously key for these teams. Can they get the right people in the building to obviously push the product on?”

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