Fish killed by spill in Shoal Creek pile up at dam, City of Austin says it already cleaned up

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Watershed Conservation Authority said it will send spill investigators back to Shoal Creek after learning that cleanup crews missed hundreds of dead fish at a nearby dam.

Earlier this week, viewers sent KXAN photos of the creek, showing the eyes of dead fish gazing blankly from the murky green water.

The AWP said the unusual appearance of the dead fish and water was the result of a major leak that sent drinking water and chlorine into Shoal Creek.

Initially, the AWP said crews found only 30 fish dead as a result of the spill, but later revised the estimate to more than 300.

Crews will remove dead fish from the creek on Saturday and Sunday, the AWP said.

A spokesman confirmed that crews were out on Saturday and only removed fish found in the water on Hancock Drive.

Still, most of the dead fish were found parked on a dam about two blocks from where crews cleaned it up Saturday night.

The AWP was told by KXAN that there were hundreds of dead fish on the dam and said it would send investigators back to the area within 24 hours to find out how.

People who live along the creek said they were frustrated that the dead fish were still in the creek and worried about the future of wildlife in the area.

“We love nature. We love seeing snakes, seeing animals come here to fish. If you look at the water now, you’ll see it’s lifeless,” Matt Franks said.

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