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Gainesville expands downtown dining district, changes alcohol rules – Brospar Daily News

“We have a lot of events that will keep people from having to get special event permits,” he said. “Combined with the new development, it will accommodate business etc. on that side of the bridge.”

In downtown Gainesville’s dining district, people can carry up to two 16-ounce unsealed alcoholic beverages in plastic cups in restaurants or wine cellars from noon to midnight. This rule applies to any alcoholic beverages as long as you remain in the dining area.

Assistant City Manager Angela Sheppard explained the two new permits.

“With Downtown Pub/Wine Lounges, places like Cork can start producing beer and wine because now what Cork It does is give wine samples and they do tastings,” Sheppard said. “But that would allow them to sell beer and wine directly.”

The new license also applies to grower stores like Downtown Drafts and Tap it, removing the ounce limit.

“They have a packaging license (allowing them) to give you samples — now, we allow large samples, like a full glass is one sample — but we have an ounce limit in our current regulations,” Sheppard said. “It just allows them to sell beer and wine directly without the ounce limit.”

As for the management facility area, she explains, “We put it there so that the hair salon can sell a glass of wine.” As long as alcohol sales don’t exceed 40 percent, the retail business is clear.

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