Georgina Rodriguez Shares Her Struggles With Cristiano Ronaldo’s Lavish Lifestyle

During the interview (via daily mail) Earlier this year, Georgina Rodriguez shared her struggles with Cristiano Ronaldo’s lavish lifestyle. Rodriguez said,

“I would get there by bus and leave in a Bugatti. I went from selling luxury items to wearing them on the red carpet. I had millions of followers and I was the most followed man’s woman in the world.

She went on to add: “The first time I went to Cristiano’s house, I got lost every time I went to the kitchen to get water. Sometimes it took me half an hour to come back from the living room because I didn’t know the way. It was too big. I I grew up used to living in small apartments.”

Georgina Rodriguez is a Spanish social media influencer and model known for being paired with Portugal international Cristiano Ronaldo. She recently opened up about her life with the former Manchester United star ahead of the release of her Netflix documentary, I Am Georgina.

Portugal and Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo is pictured with his partner and Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez (left) after receiving the MARCA Leyenda (MARCA Legend) award in Madrid, July 29, 2019. – The award is presented to sports professionals by Spanish sports newspaper MARCA. (Photo by JAVIER SORIANO/AFP) (Photo credit should read JAVIER SORIANO/AFP via Getty Images)

Georgina Rodriguez: Personal life and relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo

Georgina was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her father is Hispanic-Argentine and her mother is Hispanic.

Georgina has been in a relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo since 2016 after meeting the Portuguese striker for the first time at a Gucci retail store in Madrid, Spain. They fell in love over the past few years and are now blessed to have a big family around them.

The 29-year-old has three biological children with Cristiano and is stepmother to three of his other children.

Rodriguez has been very supportive of her partner’s football career and has not been shy about going to the stadium to cheer on Ronaldo in the recent past.

She directs her own documentary, I Am Georgina, which was released on Netflix last year.

It’s not easy being the partner of one of the greatest footballers of this generation. So Georgina showed a lot of courage by stepping up to share some of her stories in this must-see documentary.

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