Glazers threaten to stay at Manchester United unless they are grossly overpaid – Man United News And Transfer News

The Glazers would rather remain in control of Manchester United football club than not get a penny of £6bn.

that is based on daily mailthey claimed the Tampa Bay family was determined to break the world record for club sales.

The takeover of Chelsea by Todd Burleigh and his syndicate is currently the most expensive takeover in football history.

Roman Abramovic’s sale to the Blues is worth £2.5bn, with the buyer also promising a further £1.75bn to invest in the club.

As The People reported yesterday, the Glazers hope to raise more than £8bn for Manchester United.

That’s a valuation well above the borderline of the absurd, and almost certainly rules out every potential buyer on the planet except sovereign wealth funds.

Given that these groups have never bid anywhere near that mark before, they are likely to be ruled out as well.

A bottom-line asking price of £6bn may be a better fit for potential buyers, although that exceeds even the most generous estimates by financial experts.

In May 2022, Forbes put United’s market capitalization at $4.6bn (£3.73bn), while sports finance expert Kieran Maguire put a value at $4.6bn (£3.73bn). Say:

“If you compare the relative size of the profitability and revenue of Manchester United and Chelsea, I think it’s somewhere in the £4 billion range. [$4.8 billion] and £4.5 billion [$5.4 billion] is appropriate, if there is a lot of interest it will push the price up. “

While Maguire also said £5bn was “not out of the question”, he added that such a figure was likely to be “the highest”.

Glazer’s stance is therefore an uneasy one for United fans, who have suffered under United’s ownership for 17 years during which the club fell behind in terms of infrastructure and success on the pitch against its biggest competitor.

Essentially, current ownership threatens to extend their tenure unless someone offers them a £2.3bn markup, Forbes’ most recent valuation.

Of course, hopefully all of this is just posturing. Even if the Glazers end up getting their money, whoever pays them needs to leave behind the resources necessary to turn United’s fortunes around.

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