Hello guys, as we all know a lot of stories get trending on social media, and today we bring you one of those stories the popular social media star Hannah Owo is breaking the internet as some of her private videos have been leaked over the internet and fans, are really desperate to watch the videos all of our followers I trying to know about the incident as much as they can so read the full article and we are going to answer all the questions.

Hannah Uwu Leaked Video

Hannah is an 18 years old girl she was born on 21st November 2002 some say her real name is Hannah Kabul. She is a popular personality on the streaming platform Twitch and she claims to be a social media influencer who likes to play online games.

She has over a million followers combining all the social media platforms. Her hype is increasing day by day. She is a bit in shock and Confused that how her private pictures and videos have gone viral. she is famous as Aestheticallyhannah.

Who Is Hannah Uwu? Wikipedia, Biography, Age

She has been constantly refusing and denying the fact that the girl appearing in some videos is her .she posted a tweet regarding this matter but the majority of fans are then and the fact and confirming that it is Hannah.

She hopes that whoever leaked the video will be punished but the people are commenting disgusting things on her video some of them fall under sexual harassment .there are a ton of pervert comments on her fans and people should understand the seriousness of this issue and stop commenting.

She was born in Ohio and she is currently living there she quickly picked up a lot of subscribers and viewers on YouTube and over 500k followers on twitch she plays games like Call of Duty Apex legends but before she got popular she used to work as a digital marketing manager but in 2018 she quit her job and became a gaming content creator she has been featured with a lot of social media stars and gaining popularity exponentially.

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