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Here’s why Jaylen Brown likes 1-on-1 practice battles with Jayson Tatum – Brospar Daily News


“Who talks the most? Who usually scores.”

Jaylen Brown works on his baseline jumper in practice. Matthew J. Lee/Universal Staff

last season, celtics Stars Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum clearly proved that, in fact, they can take a team to the Finals.

“They said we couldn’t play together,” Tatum yells After the Celtics won their seven-game series against the Heat, they smiled broadly, hugged Brown and punched him in the back.

Critics have often questioned whether Brown and Tatum could play together, and legitimate questions about their compatibility hit high decibels last year as the Celtics struggled to reach the sub-.500 mark in the first half of last season. But the duo turned the team around in the second half, leading them all the way to the Eastern Conference before losing to Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors in six games.

This season, Tatum and Brown seem to be getting along just fine as questions about compatibility fade away.The two players participated in a joint interview with NBC Sports Boston At media day and exchanged accolades — Tatum traded Brown’s ability to tell the truth, and Brown traded Tatum’s ability to stay calm under pressure.

Still, the two stars are very competitive. On Wednesday, they participated in standard one-on-one drills, Filmed on YouTube by CLNS Media. Come and see.

Afterwards, Brown told reporters about the matchup.

“Just take off some rust and get a little more polish on your hand-to-hand combat type stuff,” says Brown. “Effortlessly defend your yard and stuff like that, the little things between the details of the game. Just a good workout, some cardio.

“Iron grinds iron, so just try to make each other better.”

Brown added that he likes to play one-on-one with his teammates as the Celtics push each other to get ready for the season. After practice, the Celtics often play 1-on-1 games where the coach passes the ball to one player in an iso situation and the two players play. Brown, Tatum, Peyton Pritchard and Broderick Thomas were spotted by reporters Wednesday trying to fight each other.

So in a one-on-one match, who says the most trash?

“It’s usually who scores,” Brown said. “The way it is, whoever just scores or wins, seems to be the loudest guy in the gym. But depending on the day, it could be any of us.”

How was Wednesday?

“It’s beautiful even today,” Brown said. “JT won a few games, Payton won a few games, so I think it’s balanced. But those two are probably the most talked about.”

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