How did Elizabeth Howell die and Who Killed Her? Murder Case Update

Elizabeth Howell, a 21-year-old college student, has been shot to death close to her university grounds in northern Nyc, as per officials.

As per NY State Officers, Elizabeth Howell, a senior at SUNY Potsdam’s Crane School of Music, is certainly the victim of the incident. That occurred Friday in the town of Potsdam, approximately 200 miles north of Albany.

When authorities arrived at the site shortly before 6 p.m. They discovered Howell motionless and suffering from critical injuries, according to police. She was sent to Canton-Potsdam Hospital and proclaimed dead there. The events surrounding this case were not disclosed by officials.

After authorities received information of bullets fired near the campus. Moreover, SUNY Postdamn issues a shelter-in-place directive, which was lifted on Saturday morning.

Who killed Elizabeth Howell?

On Saturday afternoon, Michael J. Snow, 31, of Massena, Nyc, has certainly been under arrest and in jail with a murder conviction, according to authorities. Snow was moreover in the St. Lawrence County Jail without parole after his appearance.

According to the institution, he is certainly not in any involvement with the faculty. So it is unknown how he and Howell became acquainted. Between 5 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on Friday, security forces are seeking more information on Snow’s location.

Further, throughout that time Michael J Snow was seen heading via Potsdam, Hopkinton, Malone, Westville, Hogansburg. And Massena in a grey Honda Civic having New York number plate KVE273. And scratches to the driver’s door, according to authorities.

Who is SUNY Postdamn Elizabeth Howell?

Dr. Phil Neisser, head of SUNY Potsdam, stated in an announcement that Elizabeth Howell goes by the nickname “Beth”. Has been a cellist who was with the Crane Symphony Orchestra. Moreover, this year has been suppose to be her graduation year.

“She indeed had a great career ahead of her as an idealistic instructor.” Neisser made the remarks. “As a college society, we remember her life and grieve her death together”. The university further has decided that classes will be canceled on Monday. In a release, the university said, “The whole SUNY Potsdam family grieves her demise. And we come together in harmony to honor her.”

Elizabeth Howell Parents

After SUNY Potsdam student Elizabeth Howell has been killed dead just across campus. Her parents believed their daughter was certainly a random victim therein “wrong place, wrong time.”

Howell and Ann claimed their daughter has been a very prominent part of her society. She was teaching swimming, lifeguarding, as well as cello. All while performing ballet and performing in orchestras. All of the Howells are musicians. Elizabeth’s mother is a clarinetist, while her father is a French horn player.

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