Interview With the Vampire Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained

AMC’s “Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire” is a gothic horror TV series based on author Anne Rice’s 1976 novel of the same name. Created by Rolin Jones, the show follows the story of Louis de Pointe du Lac; a human turned vampire who tells the story of his life to journalist Daniel Molloy.

In the premiere episode, titled “In Throes of Improvement Wonder…” Lewis recounts his experiences as a black man in 1910s New Orleans, especially with the mysterious and insidious Lestat de Lioncourt. Naturally, viewers must have plenty of questions about Luiz’s past and his relationship with Leicester. In that case, here’s everything you need to know about the “Interview with the Vampire” episode 1 finale! Spoilers ahead!

The Vampire Interview Episode 1 Recap

Titled “In Throes of increasing Wonder…” in the series premiere, journalist Daniel Molloy enters the final stages of his journalism career and publishes a book about his experiences in the industry. He received a letter from Louis de Pointe du Lac inviting the elderly journalist to his estate. During their meeting, we learn that Louis is a vampire. He was disturbed by Molly’s exclusion of his story from the memoir. Molloy offers practical reasons for being excluded and asks Louis to give him an unfiltered, detailed account of his life, especially after turning into a vampire. Louis agreed, and thus began the titular interview.

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The story moves to New Orleans in the 1910s, and Louis describes life after his father’s death. As the eldest son of an African-American family with multiple businesses, Louis was forced to take over from his father. He runs a brothel while supporting his brother Paul, who wants to be a priest, his soon-to-be-wed sister Grace, and his mother. While Louis is not happy with his life, he maintains a tough exterior as several livelihoods depend on his shoulders.

One day, a French businessman, Lestat de Lioncourt, noticed Louis on the streets of New Orleans and was drawn to the man’s beauty and personality. Soon, Lestat formally introduces himself to Loius, and the two begin to get to know each other under the pretense of being in town looking for investment opportunities. Lewis realized that Lester had a way to mess with his head and listen to his thoughts. However, Leicester has been downplaying the situation. Eventually, Lester uses one of Louis’s brothel workers to spark their romance. After the incident, Louis realized Lester’s extraordinary abilities and decided to keep his distance from the two. However, a tragic incident forces Louis to confront his feelings and Leicester again.

The Vampire Interview Episode 1 Finale: Why Did Louis Take the Bites?

After cutting ties with Lestat, Louis returns to his usual life, but begins to feel trapped. However, he is looking forward to Grace’s wedding and is focusing on expanding his business. During Grace’s marriage, the de Pointe du Lac family had a great time, and Louis danced with his brothers, sisters and friends. After the reception, Paul and Louis climbed onto their roof to watch the sunrise. Opposite-minded brothers talk on the roof and seem to solve their problems. However, Louis was shocked to see Paul jumping from the roof and committing suicide. His brother’s death plunges Louis into darkness, and he begins to reflect on his life.

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Louis’ mother blamed Paul’s death on Louis, who himself felt guilty for being able to stop his brother from jumping off the roof. As a result, Louis went to church and confessed to all the crimes he thought he had committed. In Louis’ confession, his strong appearance is clearly only a cover, and his soul is shattering under the great expectation and responsibility. For the first time, we get to see an empty shell of the person Loius became. Moreover, he did not have the courage to end his own life, making his situation even more tragic.

After completing the confession, Louis realizes that the priest is dead, and he finds Lester sucking human blood. When Louis tried to escape, Lester brutally murdered other church patrons. Eventually, Lester confessed that he wanted Louis to be his sidekick with him, and slowly lured Louis into taking the sip. He likened the sip to the sweet release of death that Louis craved. So Louis took the sip. However, Louis agreed to join Leicester, inadvertently putting himself in immortality.

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