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Is Destiny Etiko Died? Nigerian Actress Dead Or Alive? Death Rumors

Recently, the popular Nigerian actress Destiny Etiko’s death rumours surfaced on social media. The news caused all her fans and loved ones to worry. Various sites were claiming her death while some were stating her being alive. However, no one seemed to confirm anything.

Well, the news confused fans who started trending online. Now, plenty of searches related to Destiny Etiko has occupied the internet. Let us find out the truth behind this death hoax and rumour. Check out if Destiny Etiko is dead or alive in this article below.

As Etiko’s death rumours surfaced, various sites claimed that the Nollywood actress met with a tragic accident that took her life. Well, let us tell you that the actress did witness an accident but it was not fatal. Yes, as per the reports, Destiny Etiko was involved in a vehicle crash that was also the origin of her death rumours now.

However, these rumours are nothing but fake as the Nigerian actress is not dead. Reports suggest that Destiny Etiko was travelling with the popular movie producer Kevin Uvo when their car collided with a bus.

Has Destiny Etiko Died

According to the reports, Destiny Etiko was coming back from Stanley Okoro’s burial ceremony with the producer when their vehicle hit the bus. It is reported that Okoro is the duo’s co-worker. Fortunately, the pair did not sustain any life-threatening injuries. However, the news seemed to spread on the internet like a wildfire. Within no time, it started to spread that the Nigerian actress Destiny Etiko died.

Well, as we have cleared, it is just a fake rumour having no reliability. Nollywood actress took to Instagram to address the ongoing matter. In the shared post, she reportedly thanked God for saving her life in the accident. Talking about Destiny Etiko, the 32-year-old is a Nigerian actress. Born on August 12, 1989, in Udi, Enugu State, Destiny went on to win the City People Movie Award for the most promising actress at the City People Entertainment Awards in 2016.

Reportedly, the actress started her career in the film industry in 2011 and since then she has appeared in several projects and has entertained the viewers. Destiny rose to fame for her appearance in a 2014 released movie titled “Idemili”. Her role in the film helped the actress to earn a City People Entertainment Awards nomination. As per sources, Destiny Etiko is unmarried and is not engaged to anyone either.

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