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Currently, Joanne Dent has occupied all the top trends on social media. Netizens are curious to know about her. You must be wondering why the woman is trending. Well, let us tell you that Joanne Dent is the wife of Mark Williams, the popular Snooker player. Everyone has gotten curious to learn more about the snooker player’s wife and this is the reason why she is being trended online. In this article, we will cover who is Joanne Dent along with some information about her husband Mark Williams as well.

As mentioned above, Joanne Dent is Mark Williams’ wife. She is a renowned businesswoman and owns a travel agency Maximum Travel. She married the snooker player in 2011 and since then the pair is together. However, neither one of them has ever revealed the story behind their marriage. All the questions including when did they meet and how did they fall in love seem to be unanswered yet.

Who is Joanne Dent?

It is assumed that they dated each other for quite some before tieing the knot. Sources also claim that Joanne had convinced Williams to continue playing when he had decided to retire from the profession. The beautiful couple has three children going by the names Joel Williams, Connor Williams, and Kian Williams. Mark Williams’ family and children show support in his game by attending his scheduled matches. Even though Joanne is being searched by a lot of people, not much information about her is available online yet.

Joanne’s personal details related to her age, birth date, family, educational background and other things are still not disclosed as of now. It is being said that Dent seems to be in her 40s while she is 5’6 inches reportedly. Apart from Joanne running a travel company, we do not have much information about her.

Talking about Joanne Dent husband Mark Williams, he is a famous Snooker player who enjoys a decent fan base too. Mark has bagged the most prestigious snooker titles thrice throughout his career which speaks volumes about his gameplay.

Besides, Mark Williams has ranked at number one in the world multiple times too. He has also recorded over 500-century breaks which makes him one of the best snooker players. In 2000, Williams beat Matthew Stevens and won the first World Snooker Championships. The player went ahead to bag the title twice in 2003 and 2018 respectively. Williams was born on March 21, 1975, in Blaenau Gwent to Dilwyn Williams who was a coal miner.

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