JoJo Siwa’s pregnancy rumor debunked: Hilarious memes take over Twitter!

A viral tweet saying JoJo Siwa is pregnant is making the rounds on the internet, and we have everything you need to know. As we said in our recent post on JoJo Siwa. Everyone is dying to know if this is true. But not before you actually start believing. You have to understand it in detail. So, is Jojo Siwa really pregnant in 2023?

Read on to learn more about JoJo Siwa’s pregnancy rumors.

JoJo Siwa goes viral with pregnancy rumors

Recently, JoJo Siwa shared a photo of her belly showing on her social media. And the slightly raised abdomen of the Xiwa people attracted everyone’s attention. The title of her post is “Team BOY or Team GIRL”.

Stories on her social media show her lying on her back with her belly exposed. The post went viral as the headline suggested that JoJo Siwa was pregnant. However, her fans were baffled by this because Siva is still young and she hasn’t talked about having children yet. But yes, here we have the truth behind it.

Is JoJo Siwa really pregnant in 2023?

Although recent posts by JoJo Siwa may have convinced everyone that she is pregnant. Reality is another matter. Siwa is not pregnant, and her big belly photo has her trying to joke around with everyone who claims she is pregnant.

In fact, what she showed was a swollen stomach that appeared after eating. Don’t miss out, Siwa are known for their playful and fun nature. Therefore, fans can rest assured that she has no expectations. Don’t miss out, JoJo Siwa has over 11 million followers on Instagram.

JoJo Siwa’s pregnancy rumors spark internet laughter

After Siwa’s post, she showed off her bloated belly. She went on to share another photo showing off her toned figure. Luckily, in that photo, the bloated stomach that seems to be taken after a workout is absent. However, rumors of JoJo Siwa’s pregnancy have sparked laughter across the internet.

Though some netizens missed seeing pictures of Siwa’s toned body and abs. Some continued to believe she was indeed pregnant. On the other hand, others shared the same hilarious meme.


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