Khalistani Leader Amritpal Singh Yet To Be Arrested, Punjab On High Alert

Currently, Khalistani leader “Amritpal Singh” is still widely discussed by everyone on social networking sites as he is yet to be detained. Because the defaulter has been on the run and no one knows his exact location, which is a bit shocking, so recently the police launched a search operation to get him into their hands as quickly as possible before it was too late, because this kind of person is not Trusted and ready to wreak havoc anytime, anywhere. Below you can explore further updates you need to know, as well as some unknown facts.

According to exclusive reports or sources, before this, the police department launched a search operation, but due to some mistakes, they had to take down and he escaped the pursuit. But right now, the authorities are not even taking any chance of losing him somehow, that’s why, they’re looking forward to getting even one lead that could help them detain him, and that’s why, they’ve released a warrant for him , while asking people to let them know if they get something.

Who is Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh?

Authorities have reportedly arrested about 78 members of his group, “Waris Punjab De,” while many others have been jailed for investigation, officials said. Even, the police confiscated deadly gear from them, and now they are going to get a report on whether the weapons are legal, because in their opinion, the defaulters are illegal occupations, and that is the reason, and now their suppliers will also Quickly got hit with the law because once he was in their hands then the cops would make him tell everything.

In addition to this, a special team has been formed by the police to take the defaulters into custody so that they can conduct further investigations to the best of their ability. Because Khalistani has done a lot of the worst things, and now, if he doesn’t get a full stop, something further will happen that will prove to be harmful to another person, so whatever happens, he needs to be detained as soon as possible. So here we have removed the information we got from the source, stay tuned with us to know more about social tv.

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