Kieran Maguire can’t believe £150m offshore Everton controversy – ‘this is highly unusual’

Everton’s loan deal with opaque financial institution Rights and Media Funding is “very unusual” for a variety of reasons.

This is the view of financial guru Kieran Maguire, specifically on football insider The latest details about what has emerged behind the scenes at Goodison Park.

A survey published by The guardian It was revealed on Sunday (November 13) that Toffee had borrowed £150m from Rights and Media Funding Limited.

The organization has no staff and largely operates under a veil of secrecy, without a website, phone number or Financial Conduct Authority registration.

In addition, more than half of the company’s loan book is attributed to Everton, and the company itself borrows from a wide range of offshore lenders.

Maguire dissects financial mysteries.

Everton’s decision to borrow from Rights and Media Funding does raise eyebrows,” He says football insider Adam Williams.

They are a company with no staff, not even audited accounts, with loans totaling £190m, of which Everton appear to own between half and three-quarters.

From a financial perspective, it is highly unusual for any organization to lend half of its total loan volume to a single borrower due to the potential risks involved.

The whole nature of banking is that when you lend money, you have a portfolio of borrowers so that if one gets into financial trouble, others can keep the financial institution afloat.

In other news, the Everton pundit secured the signing of “game-changing” Ruben Loftus-Cheek following an update.

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