Laverne Cox is Dating dating With someone? Who is this Lucky guy?

Laverne Cox, the Orange Is The New Black actress is in love again. While the 49 years old actress is busy professionally, it’s her new love that’s grabbing the attention of all. Certainly, Cox herself has spilled the beans on her love life and fans are happy to know about it. But who is Laverne Cox dating?

Who is Laverne Cox?

The 49 years old actress Laverne Cox was born in Alabama and is a skilled actress. Mostly known for her role in Orange Is The New Black, Cox has been raised by her grandmother and mother. She has an identical twin brother M Lamar who worked with her in Orange Is The New Black.

Her role as Sophia Burset, the transgender in the 2013 series gave her the next level fame. She even won a Daytime Emmy Award as the first transgender woman to bag the award. Moreover, her next project is coming up as Inventing Anna alongside Julia Garner.

Whom Is Laverne Cox Dating?

While Laverne Cox appeared at the beginning of this year at the Ellen DeGeneres show, she shared a lot about her love life with Ellen. She revealed that she is dating a guy whom she met on Tinder.

While it began last year in the month of November or December, they are slowly heading into their relationship. As Cox didn’t share any details of the guy she is dating, it’s reported that she is in a relationship with a guy who is 22 years younger than her. Also, Cox revealed that her man is first time dating a transgender woman.

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Laverne Cox Speaks About Her Man

As the Ellen DeGeneres show made Cox appear virtually for the show, it was only then that she revealed some details about the love life she has been living lately. She shared that her man and she had spent six months hanging out with one another.

Moreover, Laverne was earlier known to have dated the Mateo Sound CEO Kyle Draper. Yet their relationship didn’t last for too long and finally ended in 2019. While currently, she hasn’t revealed much of the details about the guy she is dating, she might reveal that soon too. However, she is currently busy with her new drama Inventing Anna aside Garner which is a true story-based drama soon to arrive.

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