Madelyn Pregnant On The Ultimatum? Revealed

Was Madelyn Pregnant On The Ultimatum? Revealed: The reunion of “The Ultimatum” viewed that Madelyn was pregnant and expecting a baby soon, but the question is “was the reality star expecting while the shooting was going on?” 

“Marry or move on”, the show tested real-life partners as they navigated their relationships while meeting new individuals. It sure had several people hooked to their screens as with every passing episode, admirers just got keen about what would occur. with the answers finally being disclosed in the season finale of the show, admirers got to know a bit more about the voyage of these beginnings at the time of the reunion episode. 

Was Madelyn Pregnant On The Ultimatum?

No, Madelyn was not pregnant when the show was being shot. In an interview with a media outlet, the reality star had opened up about her pregnancy. She stated: “We are having a baby in a month. I am 35 weeks pregnant.

We are having a baby, we are taking on life together. We could not be happier.” When the reunion was shot, Madelyn was 7 months pregnant. In short, the couple had discovered they were expecting 3 months after the shooting for the show had ended. She further clarified this by saying: “The show concluded in the month of May and I got pregnant in the month of August.”

A Look At Their Voyage On The Show 

Unlike the other pairs where the ladies had given an ultimatum, it was Colby who took the decision of coming to the show. Whereas Colby knew that Madelyn was the one for him, she did not look too certain about it.

Throughout the show, we watch the two involved in conversations with others while looking to watch if there could be someone else they can spend their happily ever after with. While there had been moments when admirers looked to be convinced they would not survive the show, Colby and Madelyn proved everyone wrong as they ended up together.

Their Relationship Now 

At the time of the reunion, the duo disclosed they were expecting their 1st child together. The couple also opened up about working on the problems they had and moving forward to ain on a new starting. Talking about this, she stated:

“Turns out it is a lot easier for us when we are not like sleeping in the beds with other individuals, our relationship runs a lot smoother. But it was just a really strange situation, and it was just the visibility that was missing there and a little bit of respect.”

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