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Malavika Hegde, Story behide Cafe Coffee Day, CEO Malavika Hegde Biography, Family

Who is Malavika Hegde

Malavika Hegde She is succeeded business women whose name is taking over to the web.

She is the wife of the most famous person who attempted suicide on July 29, 2019, the cause of his suicide was later revealed. Her late husband’s name was VG Siddhartha. Malawika is the daughter of former chief minister Somanahari Malaya Krishna of Karanataka.
After all, she was still there and proved herself. She was born in Bangalore, Karnataka in 1969. She completed her studies at a local school in her area and then studied engineering at Bangalore University.

Her father was a politician and even held several positions, including foreign minister and chief minister of Karnataka. When we talk about her mother, she is a social activist and her sister is Shambhavi Krishna, who is also a businessman.
She married VG Siddhartha, owner of Cafe Coffee Day, the largest food chain, so they got married in 1991. They were both later blessed with two sons, who were named Eshaan and Amartya.

So here’s a story about how he disappeared, and he was reported missing on July 29, 2019. He and his driver were on their way to Sakleshpur and he told his driver to take it to Chikmagalur. He then told his driver to wait for him at the end of the bridge until he came.

His driver used to wait for him for nearly an hour. He later found out that it was too late and his owner hadn’t come back, so they called him and his number was switched off. Afterward, he called his eldest son to tell him his father was missing and police began a search operation. After all his father’s work was done, his body was handed over to his family, who decided to hold his funeral and eat the coffee estate.

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