Man Throws Away Luxury Watch To Escape Mugging On LA Street Video Viral On Social Media

Hello everyone and recently a very interesting and shocking video is trending on the Internet. It is a video where we can see that a man is throwing away a luxurious watch to escape mugging. The video has given Goosebumps 2 online individuals as they can see that a man is trying to get away from a mugging attempt he is wearing a black t-shirt and sunglasses and he is trying to save his life from two robbers.

Fortunately, he was able to escape the incident after he threw away his precious watch. First of all, he observes that someone is chasing him in a car and two men suddenly came out of Nowhere on the street and start snatching the individual.

A Man Throws Away Luxury Watch On LA Street

The identities of both the suspect are still unknown and the Los Angeles police department are currently carrying out investigations and interrogation. After getting the watcher they climb over the fence and get into their car. According to many statistics, there having more than 3000 cases since June 2021. Citizens are really worried about their safety. Fortunately, the robbers did not stab and fight with the victim and they were just there for the money

A Man Throws Away Luxury Watch On LA Street Shocking Video

And they were not caring for any weapons but they may have had arms on them as we cannot clearly see in the footage. The incident happened on 5th June 2022 pm in the evening and the individual was a silently walking on the STREET and there was almost no Street and that’s how the robbers got the confidence and brought their car and suddenly surprise HIM. We also don’t know about The Identity of the victim and we are still doing research on that case as the police have not revealed anything

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