Man United behind-the-scenes change by Erik ten Hag labelled ‘bizarre’

Eric ten Haag has said it was “strange” to invite Manchester United chief executive Richard Arnold into the club’s dressing room.

That’s the view of financial expert Kieran Maguire, who works exclusively with football insider About Ten Witches decided to reintroduce a tradition once used by Sir Alex Ferguson.

according to daily mailThe Ten Witches have since revived the Old Trafford tradition of inviting club directors into the dressing room after every game, regardless of the outcome.

Arnold has appeared in the dressing room many times. It is reported that David Gill and Michael Edelson have also been invited by the Dutchman.

It was a tradition first introduced by Ferguson to create a sense of unity among staff and players across the club.

Maguire questioned the Ten Witches dressing room decision, suggesting it could drastically change the club and team environment.

I always thought the locker room was sacrosanct and whatever happened in the locker room stayed there” Maguire told Football Insider.

That comes from my own sport at an amateur level.

Once an outsider enters the dressing room, the environment changes completely.

Having said that, we are seeing more and more violations of the privacy of players and managers before and after games.

I’m a huge believer in keeping magic, magic.

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