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Man United new owner could have ‘license to print money’

A modern 90,000-capacity Old Trafford stadium will give the new Manchester United boss a “licence to print money”.

This is the view of financial guru Kieran Maguire, specifically on football insider Sir Jim Ratcliffe has explored the possibility of redeveloping the stadium and Carrington as a potential new owner.

Manchester United comfirmed Earlier this week (November 22), the owners were exploring the possibility of selling the club.

Mike Keegan of the Daily Mail Report On the same day, British billionaire and lifelong Manchester United fan Ratcliffe was conducting a feasibility study on the cost of buying the club and rebuilding the stadium and training ground.

Ratcliffe’s camp has denied the reports.

“About Old Trafford, what do you want Old Trafford to look like?” maguire told football insiderAdam Williams.

“Do you want a complete rebuild? Are we just expanding one of the stands? Are we talking about an 80,000-seat stadium or a 90,000-seat stadium?

“a lot of Will depend on the amount of scaling and the architectural challenges it will present.

“The third question is, how are we going to sell the new tickets?

“Obviously, the Glazers have gotten a lot of criticism, but what they’ve done for the last decade is freeze season ticket prices, so the money really has to come from the hotel and corporate space. It’s about boxes and premium products.

“Regarding Carrington, it’s behind some of the developments we’ve seen at teams like Spurs, Manchester City and Liverpool.

“Be realistic, we won’t be in the hundreds of millions for less. A lot will depend on our relationship with Old Trafford.

“I was talking to a guy earlier and he said ‘let’s knock the whole thing down [Old Trafford] And build a purpose-built stadium”.

“We’ve seen some of the big Spanish clubs take a similar approach, we’ve seen Tottenham bite the bullet.

“Yes, it will be expensive, but a 21st century Old Trafford with a capacity of 90,000 will be a license to print money.”

In other news, Manchester United are set to be charged by the FA over the controversial Cristiano Ronaldo footage.

Kieran Maguire expects West Ham ‘auction’ to be dubbed ‘deal of the century’

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