Man United new takeover bid is ‘bizarre’

Finnish entrepreneur Thomas Zilliacus’ takeover bid for Manchester United is “strange” and has been done “trying to get publicity”.

That’s the view of financial expert Kieran Maguire, who EXCLUSIVELY tells football insider Why Zilliacus’ bid “doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

According to reports express deliveryZilliacus claimed that the aim of the bid for United was to have the club run on a 50-50 basis, which would allow fans to own shares in the club for a small fee.

The 69-year-old also claimed that the three stakeholders – Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Sheikh Jassim and himself – should collectively bid for the benefit of the club.

football insider Zilliacus’ bid has been underwhelmed in the industry, sources said on Thursday (March 23).

Maguire believes that fans should not be involved in the operational decisions of football clubs and insists that major decisions are left to professionals behind the scenes.

“It was an easy try and a win for the publicity” Maguire told Football Insider.

The credibility of the proposal has to be questioned. The nature of the bid doesn’t make sense.

Fans should not be involved in operational decisions. The whole point of professional football clubs is for professionals to make big decisions.

United have 165 million shares outstanding, so while the proposal sounds democratic, one share in the club isn’t all that different.

If it happens, we will find that when it comes to making big decisions, people will follow the herd.

“So I didn’t take the offer particularly seriously – United fans have had the opportunity to buy shares in the club for years, but they chose not to.

So why Zilliacus thinks they would suddenly choose to do so in this mode is weird.

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