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Massive Fire Breaks Out At FIFA World Cup Fan Zone Qatar Full Video Become Sensation!

Hello readers and welcome back to our article in which we are going to tell you about a very shocking news that is about to happen and there are many who would love to know more about this particular event at the Qatar’s World Cup city Lusail.So you may be curious to know about Dutch red, follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

fifa world cup fire video

There were several photos of the blaze that broke out in the city on social media platforms. According to sources, the entire social media platform is currently flooded with footage and video, and we can see thick black smoke rising from Family Island in the north. Talk about fire so it was brought and contained but about 3

It’s 1/2 km away from that particular stadium, but everything is fine now and no one was hurt.Speaking of authority, they also confirmed that several firefighters and defendants were dealing with that fire, and now everything is clear at the scene and everything is under control, but we can see that the entire social media platform is currently full There are many videos

FIFA World Cup fire news, injury updates

We could see fire and black smoke rising from the island, a huge setback for Qatar.It is well known that huge sums of money were spent on the preparations and opening of the FIFA World Cup, which has now been mired in controversy, as you can already see from many social media posts due to alcohol and concerns about rights

Belonging to the LGBTQ community. Talking about the cause of the fire, it was due to the construction of buildings on the Qatari site. This particular situation happened on a Saturday.This news in particular got a lot of attention, but there are a lot of people who are completing unfinished stays

However, for a reasonable price, there are also some people who promise because of poor air conditioning and other problems such as fighting container houses, but as we tell you now, everything is fine, but it is a very scary scenario, but the authorities have Make sure to provide an update that no one was injured at the scene, the situation is now fully under control by Civil Defense


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