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“Material Girl” TikTok Viral Song Trend and Origin Explored

As TikTok brings a new trend to try called the “Material Girl” trend, users seem excited to have it. While many have been thinking that the new viral trend is about the “Material Girl” song by Madonna, here’s something that will deny that. But, why is “Material Girl” trending on TikTok?

TikTok Brings A New Trend Called The “Material Girl” Trend

With many users thinking the new trend “Material Girl” is something picked up from Madonna’s 1984 hit, the case isn’t that. Well, the trend on TikTok is however connected to the rapper Saucy Santana.

It’s her version of the song “Material Girl” that’s trending on TikTok and making everyone go crazy over it. The rap version by Saucy certainly grabs the attention because of the high bass. Moreover, despite the release of the song by Saucy in 2020. It was in late 2021, that the song went viral on TikTok.

Why Is Material Girl Trending On TikTok?

Evidently, the song by Santana is high beat rap and is much liked by many users on TikTok. However, what makes it viral is that the trend lets users flaunt their materialistic possessions in the trend. Be it luxury items, shopping haul, etc the trend has let all flaunt that in the viral trend.

Also, despite beginning late last year, the trend with Santana rap has been going viral on the internet and TikTok with many users giving it a try. Nonetheless, it’s trending to date and seems to be making all love the trend. Not to miss, it’s the remix version of Material Girl that’s trending a lot on TikTok.

Users Reaction To The Viral Trend

For all those who love to show off their luxuries, the trend with Florida rapper songs has certainly made it possible. The trend on TikTok has however got several likes and views ever since it was posted. Meanwhile, not just TikTok but Twitter has trended the trend too. Some users reacted to the trend calling it perfect for them.

Despite all this, it’s TikTok that makes even the old trends and songs viral in no time as if it was a new one. Following which TikTok has been gaining popularity all over the world it giving trends and challenges to try every hour.

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