MINIBUYER Aka ERIC RUIZ Video Leaked & Viral On Twitter

Good morning everyone as we all know that the online world is full of various interesting news and stories. And now today Mini Buyers Twitter is going viral on various social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Online users want to know about the real identity of the so-called owner of this account. We will be discussing the whole video so keep reading this article. So reportedly the owner of this account is a Spanish social media celebrity, Eric Ruiz. 

Minibuyer Aka Eric Ruiz Video Leaked

He started his Instagram account in the year 2014 and he has accumulated more than 1 million followers since then on Instagram. The more interesting facts are that he is a very huge football fan and he has multiple pics with famous football celebrities like Neymar.

About a month ago there were rumors that he was going to join only fans. His older brother is the owner of a YouTube channel and he has two sisters as well.

Minibuyer Leaked Onlyfans Video Viral Twitter & Reddit

Lately, he has been posting explicit and nude content on Twitter and that’s why his name is trending. In some of the videos, we can see his genital parts sticking out of his pants. And his friends are also enjoying the Pol hill area situation.

If you go to his Instagram account then you are going to find a lot of luxurious Lifestyle pics and he is trying to show his Lifestyle. He really likes swimming and he is also enjoying the athletic activity a. He is currently following 658 accounts.

Eric Ruiz: Instagram & Girlfriend

He has posted more than 196 photographs and videos. He is trying to become a supermodel and he’s trying to promote some brands as well. He has a company of merchandise and he promotes his products.

Is becoming one of the most well-known names in the online industry and it is going to be really exciting what he does in the future. We will be back with some more information regarding him so till then stay tuned.

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