My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 24 Recap and Ending, Explained

In “My Hero Academia” season 6, episode 24, “A Young Women’s Manifesto,” evacuees begin protesting Deku’s return to UA High, as they feel their safety may be threatened in the process. Pu Liang promised Izuku that she would not let her go back this time, so she climbed up the tallest building and spoke to everyone. Her emotional appeal brought everyone to tears and things seemed to turn upside down. Here’s everything you need to know about the season 6, episode 24 finale of “My Hero Academia.” Spoilers ahead!

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 24 Recap

As soon as Izuku walks into UA High School, he finds a crowd of protesters waiting for him. They told the heroes very bluntly that they would not let All Might’s successor live with them because it might jeopardize their safety. But even before Izuku’s friends go to him, they track down the principal and find out about the security measures the school has in place to ensure the villain cannot penetrate.

UA High School principals proudly told them that the school has been aggressively purchasing state-of-the-art technology to keep everyone safe. Then he revealed something even more impressive. Not only is the UA Wall Ward an effective barrier that rivals Tartarus’ defenses, it also hides a little-known secret. The field within the enchantment is divided into grids, which can be moved in case of emergency. Each of these sections goes straight underground and becomes a separate refuge if the bad guys breach the barrier.

Now, the shelters are part of a larger maglev network that is also constantly on the move. Additionally, there are 3,000 layers of reinforced panels underground for extra protection in case the shelter has to be diverted to other hero schools via safe routes. For now, Best Jeanist talks to the crowd and tries to prove that Izuku’s safety is paramount, as he is a valuable asset to the heroes. Unfortunately, all of his arguments fell on deaf ears as the crowd grew more agitated.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 24 Finale: Did the Evacuees Allow Deku to Stay at UA High?

After evacuees continued to protest Izuku’s return to UA High, Uraraka felt she needed to let people know what her friend was going through. She climbed the tallest building with a microphone and bravely addressed the crowd. Deep down, Ochako knows that when heroes suffer, it’s ordinary people who need to step up, and that’s what she expects from evacuees who only care about their own safety. She even alludes to Izuku’s One for All eccentricity, making it clear that her friend needs to be protected since he is humanity’s only hope against All for One.

When Akacho showed everyone how Izuku was doing, the evacuees finally noticed that his clothes were torn and looked very tired. One of them recalled how he stood up for her when she was hunted down by people who suspected she was a villain. Instead of asking too much, what Puliang asked everyone was to give him enough time to rest and recover, so that he could be more efficient in the battle against good and evil. Her rousing speech moved many, including Izuku, to tears.

As Izuku knelt and cried, the woman Kota and Deku had saved earlier rushed to his side in support. The woman tells Izuku that after the hero society collapsed, everyone rejected her simply because she was an alien. When all her hopes are lost and people are really after her, get out of the vault to save her. The emotional conversation between the three inspired another middle-aged gentleman to say that they are now left with only heroes who continue to fight for them after losing everything,

He goes on to argue that heroes like Deku need to be rehabilitated, and that lack of resources leaves them no choice but to take them to the safest place in the country โ€” UA High and other hero schools in the current situation. When one of the evacuees asked Deku if he would make sure everything returned to how it was before, All Might’s successor assured everyone that he and the other heroes would restore hero society. With UA High’s heightened security measures and the consent of the evacuees, Deku is finally accepted back to his school, where it all began.

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