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Mystic Aquarian releases ‘Shoebert’ the gray seal – Brospar Daily News

Charleston, RI (WTNH) — Mystic Aquarium His short-term visitor but lifelong friend, Shoebert, the savage grey seal, has been released back into the ocean.

Shoebert first landed on Sept. 26 while visiting the Beverly Police Department in Massachusetts. The brazen seal hobbled out of the pond, through the Cummings Center parking lot, and shuffled to the police station, officials said.

He was just looking for some new friends, and he definitely got them!

Beverly police transported the seal to the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut for observation and treatment for any medical needs.

Aquarium officials said the wayward 4-year-old seal arrived weighing about 235 pounds, a healthy weight. They also performed blood tests, X-rays and a full veterinary examination before giving Shoebert a clean certificate of health.

After his stay, the Mystic Aquarium released Shoebert back to the sea on Wednesday! He was taken to the shores of Block Island, where he was reunited with other seals in a remote location.

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Watch the video above to learn about the release of Shoebert by Mystic Aquarium officials at Block Island.

The visit to the Mystic Aquarium with his friends wasn’t Shoebert’s first rodeo, according to officials. Four years ago, when Shoebert was rescued off Cape Cod as a baby fur seal, he made his first trip to the Mystic Aquarium. He is being treated for serious facial injuries and a webbed infection.

Before his release on Wednesday, officials installed a satellite tracker for Shoebert, which will help researchers learn more about the seal’s range and habits.

“Shobert’s contribution goes far beyond the smiles he brings to everyone throughout the journey,” says Sarah Callan. Mystic Aquarium Animal Rescue Program manager. “Access to health and exercise data since Shoebert’s first admission to rehab in 2018 is a unique opportunity, important in a world where ocean dynamics are changing at an alarming rate. Shoebert’s contributions to science and research will help us to be more Learn more about the entire grey seal species and the role they play in the ecosystem.”

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