Naagin 19th March 2022 Full Written Episode Update, Pratha and Mahek Found Rithi!

Naagin Season 6 19th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Pratha And Mahek Kill Rithi. The episode starts with Pratha and Mahek finding Rith in a compromising position. They then decide to kill her. As they are about to kill her, Rithi manages to escape. Later, in a flashback, we see how Pratha and Mahek killed her previous husband. Update Pratha And Mahek Kill Rithi. As the final leg of their mission starts, Pratha and Mahek find themselves up against an opponent they never saw coming- Rithi! In a battle of wit and strategy, the duo seems to be losing the battle from the start. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!

Naagin 19th March 2022

Can they figure out a way to take down their unstable adversary before it’s too late? In the past, Naagin 1-4 episodes were almost predictable, but Naagin 6 is surprising viewers with its twists! In the upcoming episode, Rithi (Surbhi Chandna) is running after Dheer and Suhani to arrest them for killing her husband. Pratha and Mahek will rush to save them, but will they succeed? Or will Rith’s chase lead to Dheer and Suhani’s death? The episode starts with Aaliya and Shivangi passing Pratha as humans. Pratha and Mahek have left from hospital. Ruhi comes to meet Pratha at her home and apologizes for hiding Rajbeer’s truth from her. She is also sorry for slapping her.

Naagin Today’s Full Episode Written Update

Ruhi asks her to stop the hatred in her heart but Pratha asks what is that. She says she doesn’t know anything about the hatred. She only loves n family. Ruhi taunts that if she loves then why did she let Shivangi kill his mother. Pratha doesn’t have an answer but stills call her love bhabi. Mahek comes there and stops them asking what is bothering them. All three go to prathas room where Aaliya comes too. Both start digging rithi maa’s past life but fail to find something against her. Rithi enters their house dressed like Kali but both get stuck when they look at each other.

Naagin is a drama series, which revolves around the lives of a “Rajkumari” and her family, who are forced to move to the city.. meanwhile there are 7 deadly creatures in this city which are called “Naagins”. The seventh Naagin is Khooni “Rithi”, whom Tara tries to kill but kidnaps her instead. Khooni Rithi takes Tara back to her home and eventually kills her father-in-law. Tara and Prithvi, on the other hand, try their best to save the family, with which they were brought up.

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