Natasha Perakov Dead Or Alive? Ukrainian Fighter Pilot What Happened To Her?

As you all know that Russia and Ukraine war is going on and just because of the war thousands of people have lost their lives every day we are watching new death news that is shaking us. Well, amid so much death news one is coming from Ukraine where a fighter Pilot named Natasha Perakov has died.

However, it is still missing if she is really dead or not but plenty of the social media pages are claiming that Natasha Perakov has died. Well, if you are also looking for the same then stick around.

Now the name Natasha Perakov has been managing to grab headlines because people across the globe are searching for her and they are mostly searching if she is alive or not. As the Russia-Ukraine war still continues we have been seeing thousands of deaths of innocent people but amid all the news one is coming that is doing an almost uneasy deal because the news is making some people uneasy and giving hope as well.

Recently we heard so many mind-blowing stories such as Ghost of Kyiv and Ukraine Reaper and now Natasha Perakov has been grabbing headlines and it is to be said that she was the first fighter jet pilot to die in the war.

Natasha Perakov Dead Or Alive?

However, one photo of the girl is being circulated on Twitter where she seems wearing a military dress. Apart from this, another thing that perhaps claims that Natasha died in the war is, that beside her there was the first lieutenant in Ukrainian ground forces was named Nadiya Savchenko and she was the only female aerialist to pilot the Sukhoi Su-24 bomber and the Mil Mi-24 chopper.

Another interesting thing that can shake you and force you to think is, on social media, there is nothing available about Natasha so it seems like it is fake news because nothing is appearing with her name.

Well, the most searched thing of the week is, who is Natasha Perakov? So, we would like to let you know that she was the fighter jet pilot to die in the Ukraine-Russia war. Amid so many questions on has been making people curious to know whether is Natasha Perakov alive or dead and it has become the hot potato and the most searched thing on the internet.

Many of the social media pages and some local news channels are claiming that she has died in the war while giving a tough fight with the Russian military forces.

However, not any official update has come so far about her death so it is being assumed that perhaps the girl is missing and we are searching to get the latest updates. So, stay tuned with us to catch more updates on Russia-Ukraine War.

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